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LLSA Daily Soccer Challenges During 'Shelter-In-Place'

LL Players, Parents and Coaches!

Bored at home, do some soccer challenges with your coaches and teammates. Follow what the coaches do, record yourself, email or send video to us via Instagram, and post it yourself. Follow us on Instagram now to see what the daily exercise/challenge is from your coaches.

1 Challenge Each Day

Age Groups

  • Born 2 Kick & 3-4-year-old
  • 5-6 & 7-8-year-old

Players who complete these challenges will be recognized on our Instagram page and LL webpage!

Prizes will be given for certain challenges; the first 2 players who upload AND send the clip of their challenge to our Instagram.

  • March 25th          Toilet Paper Juggle (3+ juggles)
  • March 28th          5-10-20-60 – 5 Push-ups, 10 Sit-ups, 20 Jumping jacks,  (60 seconds)
  • March 31st          20 & 20 – Planks and Wall sits,  (30 seconds each)
  • April 5th                Prep touch and shoot (5 total)

Instructions below:

  1. Record the video of you completing the skills challenge
  2. Follow little.legends on Instagram
  3. Tag us and use #LittleLegendsSoccerAcademy
  4. Send the clip to us via Instagram Direct Message, or email the clip to with the players Name and age group.

Main Challenge 
(every 3 days) winners receive a Little Legend T-Shirt 

First 2 players to upload clip of daily challenge will chose their prize between;

1. Refrigerator/Car magnet

2. Squishy ball

3. Wristband

April 3rd Challenge - Shooting practice

Work on being more efficient in front of goal. I always say 1 good shot is better than 3 bad ones. This means it is critical to work on the basic technical aspects and expand on that. So lets get a lot of practice on shooting the ball low and hard with your shoe laces. If you have a goal, that's great, but if you don't, pick a spot on your fence or wall and aim there. Focus on the aspects mentioned in the video. 

1. Weaker foot next to the ball, point your toes where you want the ball to go.

2. Put your chest facing downward over the ball

3. Point your strong foot down, swing back and forth and MAKE SURE your toe stays down.



April 3rd Challenge - Shooting Practice

April 1st and 2nd Workout/Challenge

2-4 Year Old

As you can see, you can set up a straight line with dividers every 3-4 feet. Have the kids walk through the cones in a zig-zag formation. After a few rounds of this, have the kiddos run through. Then lets give them a soccer ball and have them go through slowly but surely. ENJOY THE NICE WEATHER THESE NEXT FEW DAYS AND THIS WORKOUT.


April 1st Challenge - Zig Zag workout

April 1st Challenge

5-8 Year Old

We worked on trapping the ball the other day from a stationary position. Now we want you to work on trapping the ball forward and dribble. So instead of stopping the ball with the bottom of your foot, you touch the ball forward when the pass comes to you and you dribble it to your partner for the exercise. Lets practice these kinds of traps for a couple days. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE NICE WEATHER AND HAVE FUN!

April 1st Challenge - Trapping in Motion

5-10-20-60 CHALLENGE

5 Push-ups, 10 crunches, 20 jumping jacks, in 60 seconds. Ready, GO!

Main challenge March 28th



Kids will dribble their soccer ball in either turtle, puppy, or cheetah speed depending on the player's comfort level. Parent or sibling will call out a body part and the player will have to freeze the ball and put the specific body part on the ball. Lets call out a body part after about 5 seconds of dribbling.


March 26th Challenge - Body Parts



Trapping (stopping, freezing) the ball is an important aspect in soccer and there are multiple ways to do so. Today we are working on trapping the ball in a stationary position so we can pass, shoot or dribble. Practicing with bottom of our toes and inside foot traps. Lets make sure to be on our tip toes while waiting for the ball. 


     - 10 with inside of left & right foot

     - 10 with bottom of left & right foot

March 26th Challenge - Trapping



Take a roll of toilet paper and try to juggle it the same way you would try to juggle a soccer ball. Lets see who can juggle 3 times and upload it to Instagram first. 

- Parents are welcome to try all challenges as well!


Main Challenge March 25th



If you don't have any round sports ball, use an object with a flat surface. Toe Touches exercise is for you to build up strength in your legs and balance. Start off easy by using slow and soft touches on the ball, then progress to move faster while still using soft touches on the ball. Make sure to jump off of the foot that is on the ground.

- Off Camera, 2-4 year old players do 20 toe touches 

                               5-8 year old players do 100-140 toe touches

- On Camera, everyone show your best 20 toe touches

- First 2 uploads win a prize of their choice!

daily challenge march 25th