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Advanced Foot Skills Training

New! Advanced Foot Skills Training

The foundation of soccer starts with individual skill development which includes passing, receiving, shooting, and dribbling.  Many of these techniques and skills can be learned at an older age, but what separates a good player and a great player is their ability to take players on 1 v 1.  The likes of Messi and Ronaldo are perfect examples of what separates them from the competition.

We would like to introduce our new Advanced Foot Skills Training Program for players who are looking to develop, learn and improve their 1 v 1 skills.  The skills taught in the program will be age-specific.  At the conclusion of each session coaches will provide an at home training curriculum with specific skills to be worked on and tested the following week. Many youth soccer players go home and don't take the ball out of the bag until the next practice or game.  In order for players to improve they need to continue to practice throughout the week. Many programs teach you the skills, but don't follow up with future development. At little legends we are looking to teach the necessary skills but also ensure that players are practicing and working on them outside of games and training sessions.    

Little Legends 'Foot Skills Training' class is on Wednesdays. Ages 5-6 year, 7-9 year and 10-12 year will each have their own class time. Please check the Foot Skills registration page for class times. Thank you!

Foot Skills Training in Glenview (Wednesdays)