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BORN TO KICK Where Parents & Kids Share the Fun

By Little Legends Soccer Academy, 05/20/14, 4:30PM CDT


Parents join us with your kids at our newest soccer offering for ages 24-25 months. Born to Kick classes start September in Glenview, Highland Park, Deerfield, Lake Forest and Northbrook.

Program Overview

Little Legends Soccer Academy presents its newest program in town: Born To Kick.  It is an unique program designed to meet child's mental and physical development needs.  Soccer is used as a vehicle to emphasize/ introduce visual learning at the young ages.  The program is offered to toddlers from 24 months old to 35 months (parents’ participation is mandatory and very important for the outcome of this program).  Born To Kick Soccer creates the opportunity for children to experience body awareness, increase their vocabulary, learn about number, shapes, form, texture, colors, and explore their surroundings in a safe environment.

The idea behind the curriculum is to create a standardized system, which enables us to set a structure that creates a health environment for kids to meet their developmental milestones while been introduced to a healthy life style through soccer fostering continuum growth.  While developing this curriculum, the age and activity level of participants were carefully considered and applied as fitted. 

The methods and the structure used for this program follow the guidelines of the United States Soccer Federation and US Youth Soccer as well as coaches’ experience on and off the field.  Our staff has a clear understanding of the value of teaching and respecting our clients.


The Curriculum

The curriculum follows a sequential pattern incorporating the basic skills of soccer while developing toddler’s motor and cognitive skills through visual learning.  We will use soccer to help the kids to develop and gain strength towards their physical development (gross and fine motor skills), psychosocial development (interact, accept and respect other), emotional development (love and be loved environment) and cognitive development (introduce number, letter, words, etc) while guiding them towards living a healthier life style.



Each class will be instructed with the usage of visual aids, music, and mats while incorporating the game of soccer.

The sessions will be as followed.

1.  First steps towards may A, B, C's (the first 13 letters of the alphabet).

2.  I can count my tiny toes (Numbers 1 to 10).

3.  Look at the Rainbow (Colors).

4.  Back on the road of my A,B, C's (the last 13 letters of the alphabet).

5. In the market with Mommy (Fruits).

6. Let's take a trip to the Zoo (Animals)

7. Shaping the world around me (Shapes)

8.  Let's remember my A, B, C's