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Premier League (6 v 6)


Week 6/Game 1:        Manchester City vs Manchester United
Date:                                 6-11-17

Final Score:                   3-3

Goal #        Team                             Goal Scorer                  Goal Assister

  1.       Man United           Emma Dervisevic             Adrian Bobrowski
  2.       Man United           Emma Dervisevic              Maddox Ward
  3.       Man City                 Samvel Gabrielyan           Mihir Purayil
  4.       Man City                 Samvel Gabrielyan           Mihir Purayil

Half time score: 2-2
   5.       Man City                  Bo Mirza                                 Louis Luna
   6.       Man United            Emma Dervisevic              Maddox Ward

Full time score: 3-3

*******Check out the game recap in our “Scores & Recap”  page*******




Manchester City vs. Manchester United
3 - 3

Arsenal vs. Chelsea
4 -5 

Final Standings

1st Place   
Team Arsenal

2nd Place   
Team Manchester City

3rd Place   
Team Manchester United

 4th Place   
Team Chelsea


Week 6/Game 2:        Arsenal City vs Chelsea
Date:                                 6-11-17

Final Score:                   4 -5

Goal #        Team                             Goal Scorer                  Goal Assister

  1.       Arsenal               Sebastian Costanza           None
  2.       Chelsea              Sasha Raguimov                   P.K.
  3.       Chelsea              Davis Przybylak                   Julius Youkhanna
  4.       Chelsea             Julius Youkhanna                 Sasha Raguimov        
  5.       Arsenal              Sebastian Costanza            Elliott Zlatin     

Half time score: 2-3
   6.       Chelsea         Sasha Raguimov                    Daniel Zakharchenko
   7.       Arsenal        Constantine Georgakas     Francisco Arreola
   8.       Chelsea        Julius Youkhanna                  Zachary Narbert  
   9.       Arsenal         Constantine Georgakas    None   

Full time score: 4-5        Chelsea Wins!

*******Check out the game recap in our “Scores & Recap”  page*******



The King is Back

Coach Adam

Coach Adam made his Premier League Comeback to take Arsenal to their first ever Little Legends Premier League Title! 


"Stay tuned for Coach Adam's interview*


The Coaches love when goals are assisted by a teammate. This shows a high level of teamwork and unselfishness. 

In this Spring Premier League, our Statistician showed;

76 total goals

42  goals assisted 

That = 55% (AWESOME JOB)

---------------- First half vs. Second Half of season Stats--------------

First 3 weeks of season;

38 Total Goals 

15 Goals assisted

= 39% Assisted


Second 3 weeks of season;

38 Total Goals

27 goals assisted

=  71% Assisted!!!

What a difference these players made throughout the season! Great job everybody!

Coach Adam Thrilled to bounce back from rough Winter

Coach Adam's written statement after his

Premier League Title

"Today the Arsenal organization completed their first season with their name on the trophy. It was a great moment for all of us; the fans, players, staff and for me. I had a rough winter season with team Argentina where we didn't win a single game in the Futsal International season. I was released from the team and I took a couple months off and read some books written by previous successful coaches, watched videos and games of the other coaches (Matt, Marco and Chris). I always want to learn, and what better way to learn than studying the old greats and the current greats. Arsenal then called my agent before the spring season and here I am. This season finished great, I want to thank all of the parents, coaches and players for a great league. I hope to bring another trophy to my Summer 3v3 team, Athletico Madrid!"

Coaches give their opinion on the best team of Season

Team Manchester City

Even though all of the pieces fell into place for Arsenal to win the league, all Coaches agreed that the most impressive team by a slight margin was indeed Manchester City

Top Scorer and Assister

Congratulations to Top Scorer:

Samvel Gabrielyan - Team Manchester City - 15 goals

Congratulations to Top Assister:

Julius Youkhana - Team Chelsea - 5 assists

The move that could have made history

Addis Dervisevic with Coach Adam

Coach Adam is trying to set up Arsenal for the future. He met with one of the Academy's top prospects, Addis Dervisevic (age 5). He was 5 seconds away from signing for the squad but ultimately backed out to wait for his favorite team, Man United to sign him. 

UGH. So close!

The Trophy already has our name on it

Will this trophy have Man City or Arsenal's name on it?

Coach Matt felt ultra confident in his team after a convincing 5-1 victory against Chelsea last weekend. After asked about next week's intense match-up, he responded with, "The trophy already has our name on it. We just have to wait to lift it."

Final Match Day breakdown for Title Chasing

Manchester City are facing a must win situation to even have a chance to win the title. 

If Man City complete a victory, all Arsenal have to do is tie Chelsea to win their first LLSA Premier League title. Stay tuned!

Coach Chris bombarded with Media on his secret meeting with FC Barcelona

A Reporter asked Coach Chris why he opted to travel to Barcelona to meet with the board instead of Coaching his current Chelsea squad. Coach Chris said, "This is a private matter. It is not soccer related and I do not wish to speak about my private life to the entire world."

Another reporter reminded the Chelsea coach that his squad were handed yet another loss this previous weekend to Coach Matt and Manchester City. Chris interrupted, "My Chelsea squad is playing great, we are improving daily and you will see us beat the top seated Arsenal next week! Get your popcorn ready." 

Money does not win you titles, its a group effort

Even though Manchester United spent over $200 million, they failed to win the title in week 5.

Coach Adam was followed to his Porsche after the game by reporters and asked what happened. He responded, "Money doesn't win you titles, its a group effort. We were definitely the underdogs but our team wanted it more. I watched Coach Marco's previous games and came up with a tactical strategy to neutralize his world class players."  

Coach Marco's promise falls short and costs Man United the title

In week 2 after Man United fell 0-2, Coach Marco delivered a promise that he would not lose the rest of the season. He won the following two games but ended up losing for a second time this season to team Arsenal who are on the brink of their first Premier League title. 

Hat Tricks keep pouring in

It was Maddox Ward who started the trend of scoring 3 goals in a game. It was quickly followed by Chelsea's Sasha Raguimov. 

Week 4 had Arsenal's Elliott Zlatin complete a hat-trick in the first half of the game. 

Week 5 Manchester City's Samvel Gabrielyan took the Hat Trick name to another level. He tied the record for most goals in a Premier League game with 5 goals!


***Each team as produced one player who completed a Hat trick this season!***

Week 5 Player Shoutouts

Great Sportsmanship by our boys

Matchday 5 was a hard day with high temps and short players for all 4 teams. Thank you to everyone who came out. I want to give a special shout out to these players for either helping their opponents out or playing against their own sibling.

1. Miles Ward

2. Casey Levy

3. Eli Kim 

Thank you again boys!

Coach Chris optimistic after a turbulent season

Team Chelsea

Coach Chris told the media after his 4-2 defeat on Sunday that his team has played their best game all season.

"We are moving the ball very well and playing great soccer. The goals will come and the wins will come as well."

The players have all cemented their positions on the field and are focused on moving up the table


Arsenal back on top after a major roadblock

Arsenal took a heavy defeat last week that knocked them from their first place standing. But a last minute goal against current top form Man City caused them to lose their top spot back to Arsenal. 

I won't lose any more games this season. Write that down

Coach Marco - Manchester United

After Coach Marco lost his first two games, he made his post match interview short and sweet, "We will not lose another game this season."

Coach Marco has won his last two games in convincing style and has two more games to play and win to prove himself right.

Unhappy Coach to discipline tardy player

By: Reporter from LLSN

Coach Adam has been criticized of his recent promotion and contract given to the youngster Angelina Pesha. In his last interview, he is said to be willing to demote his player Angelina if no other team will make an offer for her.

Hat-Trick Heroes

Congratulations to Maddox Ward of Manchester United and Sasha Raguimov for completing their hat-tricks in the same game! Maddox completed his 3rd goal in the first half! Sasha then received his hat-trick near the end of the game.

These are the first and second Hat-tricks of the season! Congrats boys!


Bo Mirza - Machester City (not Chelsea)

Bo Mirza's name is has been involved in the trade rumors for the past week. His potential move to Chelsea was almost finalized as his father agreed to terms but the player did not want to leave his team in the lurch. 

Coach Matt took his star player Bo to dinner and spoke to him about the importance of loyalty. Bo felt the same way from the beginning. But he just wanted a free steak dinner. 


Angelina Pesha - Team Arsenal

It took some time dealing with her agent, but Arsenal and this little cutie pie agreed a deal to sign her for the entire Spring Season. Lets hope she gives Arsenal that extra spark to keep them at the top of the table. 


Emin Salcin - Team Chelsea

Emin Salcin (age 5) has moved up from our Elite division (5-6 year old group) to our Premier division (7-8 year old group) on a one day contract on May 7th. Chelsea snatched him up immediately and he is now the youngest player in Little Legends Premier League history (5 years 7 months). 


A special thank you to the following players for helping other teams out because they did not have enough players

1. Akito Geshelin

2. Kenji Geshelin

3. Rustam Rozikov

4. Samvel Gabrielyan