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Premier League (6 v 6)


Week 6 /Game 1  :       Chelsea  vs. Manchester City
Date:                                 11-2-17
Final Score:             1 - 8  


Goal #    Team              Goal Scorer                     Goal Assister

1.      Man City              Vladimir Milovanovic   
2.      Man City              Vladimir Milovanovic 
3.      Man City              Vladimir Milovanovic 
4.      Man City              Sasha Raguimov                                      
Half Time Score:     0 - 4

5.      Chelsea                 Neil  Rohatgi
6.      Man City              Sasha Raguimov
7.      Man City              Sasha Raguimov
8.      Man City              Vladimir Milovanovic
9.      Man City              Sasha Raguimov
Final Score:   1 - 8     Manchester City Wins!


Week 6 /Game 2:       Arsenal vs. Manchester United
Date:                                 11-2-17
Final Score:             1-4   


Goal #    Team              Goal Scorer                     Goal Assister

1.       Arsenal               Oscar Wojtkowski     
2.       Man United      Lorenzo Cavour
Half Time Score:     1 - 2

3.        Man United      Bo Mirza 
4.        Man United      Bo Mirza
5.        Man United      Lorenzo Cavour   
Final Score:   1 - 4     Manchester United Wins!


1st Place
Manchester United _ 4  Wins

2nd Place
Chelsea _ 4  Wins

3rd Place
Arsenal _  2  Wins / 1  Tie

4th Place
Manchester City _ 1  Win / 1  Tie


Chelsea vs. Manchester City
1 - 8

Arsenal vs. Manchester United
1 - 4


Chelsea vs. Arsenal
2 - 1

Manchester United vs. Manchester City
3 - 2


Chelsea vs. Manchester United
2 - 6

Arsenal vs. Manchester City
5 - 1


Manchester United vs. Manchester City
4 - 1

Chelsea vs. Arsenal
4 - 1


Arsenal vs Manchester United
5 - 3

Chelsea vs. Manchester City
2 - 0


Arsenal vs Manchester City
2 - 2

Chelsea vs. Manchester United
2 - 1


Champions! - Week 5

Chelsea has reached 12 points! Chelsea are the new EPL champions! Chelsea was a very constant team when it came to winning games. They have won 4 out of the 5 games played. They were a very strong side managed by coach Chris. While their team top scorer Samvel has been absent for the past two game other heroes have emerged to help their team continue their winning ways. In week five game vs Manchester United, Owen scored the winning goal in the second half.

Transfer Talk

Coach Marco said that he is looking to sign new players in the winter transfer window. He said to be looking to sign Manchester city’s star Vladimir to add to the Arsenal attack. While he already has one of the lead top scorer Casey. He is contemplating reuniting the duo to create an unstoppable team on top.

Manchester City is set to break the bank and sign impressive Lorenzo. They are seeking a player to help Sasha provide stability in the midfield. Lorenzo has had an impressive season this year providing his team with many goals and assist.

Battle of the giants! Top clubs in the EPL are looking to battle to sign the promising Manchester city player Bridget. Bridget has been one of the top-rated defenders this season. She has been improving game after game and is now among the best in the EPL.

Arsenal in alert as coach Chris is looking to take the dynamic duo to Chelsea. The arsenal stars Flavio and Dario might be joining coach Chris in the winter season as coach has shown a lot of interest. The boys seem to be happy at Arsenal but the champions are willing to break the bank to lure this duo away.  

Coach Fabian and his team Manchester United were facing a transfer ban which unable them to sign their long-time target Owen Wu. In the January transfer window, the ban will be lifted allowing the Manchester side to peruse their target.

Fabian and his “coachable players” stop the blues - Week 4

Fabian and his coachable players keep performing. The 3 United heroes were able to put a stop to the unstoppable Chelsea. Elliot bagged the first and last goal for his team while Bo and Lorenzo also scored two of their own. While Chelsea is still top of the league, this match showed that they can be stopped.

Battle of styles!

Coach Fabian vs. Coach Marco. Manchester city vs. Arsenal. Possession vs. counter attacks. While coach Fabian has been working on short passing and keeping possession of the ball, coach Marco has been doing the opposite he likes his players to defend deep and go quickly on the attack. While both teams have been implementing these strategies perfectly only one could walk out victorious from this match. Both coaches knew they had to go out and win to stay in the race for first place. Luckily for Arsenal star, Beckett was precise in his shooting. Beckett scored two phenomenal goals for his team. While other players like Casey and Flavio have become regulars on the score sheet. For Manchester city, Lucas Kim scored a beautiful goal in the second half that brought smiles to the City fans.

Top of the league clash - Week 3

After an amazing week of soccer in the EPL, Chelsea battled against a very fast Arsenal. Chelsea was able to contain the counter attacks by the fast pace Arsenal players. Not only was the attack cut out but the team showed great teamwork. After a great display shown by Chelsea players, they were able to bag 4 goals in the victory against Arsenal conceding only 1 goal.

The battle for Manchester!

Manchester is red! Once again Manchester United was able to show their dominance in the EPL. Being one of the most expensive teams in the EPL, Manchester United’s form seems unstoppable. Coach Fabians said to be happy at the club and at his “coachable players”. He also added “we got the win this week but we have to prepare for next week. We celebrate when we win the title.”

Chelsea's Hero - week 2

Samvel Gabrielyan continues to perform-he helps his team secure three more points that keeps them on top of the league. In addition, Chelsea seems to be adapting very well to coach Chris’ new strategic plan. They have been applying counter-attack tactics in their past two matches. This has reduced their ball possession during games, however, they have the fastest attack that has led to the most chances created. Coach Chris is amazed by the hard work his whole team has given week after week. 

A fan favorite - week 2

Manchester United’s star Lorenzo Cavour has quickly become a sensation for the fans at Old Trafford. His great ability with the ball has led many fans to label him as the next Cristiano Ronaldo. It is expected that Manchester United win trophies this season as they have the most expensive squad along with one of the best coach. Coach Fabian stated that “at the club (Manchester United) everyone has been working hard week after week. I can see the team improving and shortly we will be number one in the premier league. However, we can only do this as a team”.  

Discipline is the key to Success! - Week 1

Coach Chris insists that Chelsea has the discipline and talent to win trophies. After a tough 2-1 victory against Manchester City, Chelsea stands at top of the league with 3 points. Coach Chris was delighted as rivals Arsenal and Manchester United drew and only took one point.


Casey agrees to depart Manchester United to join Arsenal to reunited with Marco his former coach. Coach Marco said “Casey is a great athlete that is always happy and willing to give everything in every match. He has great potential and I’m looking forward to working with him and everyone in arsenal this coming season”. Additionally, Casey Levy was able to bag two goals for Arsenal in his day view as they managed to tie 2-2 against coach Fabian’s strong Manchester United. 

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