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    Little Legends Youth Soccer Academy

    Little Legends Soccer Academy in Chicago offers 24 months to 8 years old boys and girls the opportunity to learn and play the world's most popular sport from the world's most popular trainers. Whether you want to help your child improve their soccer skills, or just want to get them involved in sports, our youth soccer academy in Chicago offers some of the best youth soccer camps in the world. Feel free to check out our list of camp dates and locations, and register for the camp that works best for your child!


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    The entire World Cup Pool of Players
    Highland Park - Winter 2014

    Highland Park - WEEK 7

    Team España  - Evan - Brian - Calvin - Casey

    Stay tuned for WEEK 8 World Cup Champions!


    Pool of Players - Week Seven
    Highland Park - Winter 2014

    Coaches Adam (not shown) - Zach - Jeanna - Rosie